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Christensen Livestock

Forget the fine print. When you lease horses from Christensen Livestock, you know how much you will pay from the outset. We set prices to maximize customer satisfaction and guarantee you will be pleased with the horses you lease. To ensure satisfaction, we provide an extra horse for every 10 horses you lease.

1-10 horses: $700 per horse lease 
11-20 horses: $650 per horse lease
21+ horses: $600 per horse lease
Tack: $100 per set

We deliver our horses for lease anywhere within Utah for free, and outside of Utah we charge $4 per loaded to cover the costs associated with crossing state lines with livestock.

Seasonal horse leases from Chistensen Livestock allow you time to prepare for the busy summer season, with delivery available of leased horses in early May and pick-up a couple of weeks after Labor Day. Unlike many other companies with horses for lease, we don't send horses leased during the summer with hunting groups in the fall. That means we have the flexibility to adapt to your schedule.

Our customers for horse leasing include dude ranches, schools, youth camps and trail guides throughout the Mountain West.

We also have draft colts and trail horses for sale at all times.