Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We live in Fairview, Utah, about 90 miles south of Salt Lake City on historic U.S. 89. We pasture our horses at two locations within a couple of miles of our home.

Who leases your horses?

We lease to dude ranches, outfitters, schools and others, generally within Utah. Our leases run seasonally, and we prefer to lease at least 10 horses.

Can you guarantee the quality of the horses you lease?

We know all of our horses and understand which of our horses will work best for your uses. We typically bring an extra horse to any location that leases our horses as a back-up, and will always return to care for or trade a horse if something goes wrong.

 Do you lease horses outside of Utah?

We will haul horses anywhere in the Mountain West, and have had happy customers in Colorado, Idaho, and Montana. We do charge additional fees because of the added costs for crossing state lines with livestock.

What is the length of your leases?

We lease horses seasonally. For summer leases, we will haul horses to your location prior to Memorial Day to give you time to prepare them for the peak tourism season. We will work with your schedule in the fall, generally picking up the horses after Labor Day. We do not lease summer horses to hunting outfitters, so we do not feel pressure to get them before you are ready.

Do you sell horses?

We have horses for sale. Contact us for specific information.

How many horses do you have in your herd?

We have approximately 200 horses, which we pasture at two locations in the Sanpete Valley. Type your paragraph here.

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